Who we are...

Hedpes Equipment is a Poznań-based company that has been producing modern equipment for the printing industry since 2010. We supply customers from Poland and Europe. The main customers of Hedpes Equipment are silk-screen printing houses and other companies that require automatic equipment for washing, filtering, drying and similar processes.

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    Information about cooperation


Regarding orders of our equipment you can contact us by phone or e-mail. Our representative will contact you to discuss the detailed configuration of devices and submit an offer. During the talks, additional options for Hedpes Equipment can be agreed.



Additional options should be precisely specified at the stage of offering and ordering the device. During the production process, it may not be technically possible to modify the device for other assumptions.



We deliver devices with our own transport or with the help of a transport company. Ordered equipment can also be picked up in person in a warehouse located in Poznań, after prior arrangement of the date of receipt.



Necessary service activities are performed at the customer's plant. We deliver spare parts via a courier company. In the event of a failure, please contact Hedpes Equipment
+48 885 156 016,
you will be directed directly to the person responsible for servicing the equipment