Hedpes Equipment

Hedpes Equipment is a Poznań-based company that has been producing modern equipment for the printing industry since 2010. We supply customers from Poland and Europe.

The main customers of Hedpes Equipment are silk-screen printing houses and other companies that require automatic equipment for washing, filtering, drying and similar processes.

Hedpes Equipment's engineers have many years of experience in designing machines and devices for industry and their production. The main emphasis in the design of devices is placed on the economy associated with their use and environmental protection.

Everyone who has implemented our devices into the production process emphasizes the savings that come from automation and the reduction in the consumption of washing agents, water and chemical process agents. The solutions used in our devices allow us to reduce the emission of harmful substances to the environment, reduce the costs of waste disposal and reduce the consumption of energy factors.

If the reduction of your operating costs and caring for the environment are important factors for you, we invite you to take advantage of the offer of Hedpes Equipment.